Don’t be discouraged in your fitness level. We work with people of all skill and fitness levels. Our classes will help you achieve your goals, meet new friends and Make Fitness Fun!

Classes are 45 min with 15 min of free time.
Plus 1 free open gym per month.

*Classes will be on a first come first serve basis. Once the slots are full we will start a waiting list. All classes are on recurring monthly auto pay. Classes are subject to change. Learn more.

Summer is almost over!

Beat the heat with an indoor ninja class.

Fall Classes are now available!

Toddler Time
(ages 6 and under)

Currently only at our Green Valley Location
Monday & Friday from 10am-12pm

$35/month for 1 kid + Parent
$10 – Drop In
*No discount passes: Starving Student, Dixie Direct used during our Toddler time.

For our littlest ninjas ages 6 and under. This two hour toddler time is set as a parent/tot free time. Drop-ins are also welcome but we recommend a member registration for our regular little ninjas.

Little Ninjas
(ages 5-7)

Our Little Ninja classes are super fun and high energy! We have new courses every class so the kids get a lot of variety. The obstacles are lower for our Little Ninjas. We have ropes, balance obstacles, the crazy caterpillar, monkey bars and so many options. We also have a mini warped wall the kids can try and conquer.

There are some “Big” obstacles the Little’s can use that coaches will help them on. Just like the obstacles Ninjas on TV use. Each class is taught by a Ninja who has been on the show, American Ninja Warrior! We provide positive reinforcement that fuels your kid for success. So if your kid dreams of being on the show, The Grip is the best way to make it happen.

Mighty Ninjas
(ages 8-12)

Our Mighty classes are so fun your kid won’t even know they exercising. It is such a great way to keep your kids excited about being active. Our coaches put together fun and exciting courses each week. They focus on a few specific obstacles so that your child can learn how to do the obstacle properly and get stronger.

Mighty Ninjas are capable to do most of the things on the mini side but will also be doing obstacles on the “Big” side. These include rolling dice, wing nut side laches, salmon ladder, slider row, jumping spider, captain’s hook and of course our various heights of the warped wall.

Our classes will not only help your kid with obstacles at the gym but also with obstacles in life. Each class is taught by one of our very own Ninjas from the show! We will increase their skill level, help them believe in themselves and show that we care about them as a person. Your kids won’t want class to end!

Teen / Adult Ninjas
(ages 12+)

These classes are intense and the most fun you will have while getting a workout. They are designed by our great ninjas who have been on the show and know how to push your body to the limits. They will help you gain upper body strength, grip strength and agility and teach you how to use your body most effectively to get through all the obstacles in the gym.

These classes can really help you train for competitions, get ready to compete on the show or just have fun getting in shape. If you have the drive and dedication we can help you get to your fitness goals and make it up the 15 foot warped wall!

Early Morning Ninjas

Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 5:30am-6:30am.

This is for the Ninjas who need little sleep and want to hit the gym early. Based on your needs or wants they will be similar to the teen/adult classes or you can come early and do your own thing. There will be a course set up and a Ninja there in the morning to help with technique and to help you meet your fitness goals!

Open Gym 

This is for anybody and everybody. When gym is open, come on in and practice on your own or with friends.

Mon-Thu 2-9pm
Friday 12-9pm
Saturday 10am-9pm